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A footprint is worth a thousand words


It shows where exactly your feet are most stressed and bear most weight. Our feet are designed to literally carry us through life; in our lifetime, we walk about 160 000 kilometres, a distance equivalent to about four times the circumference of the Earth. This means hard work for the 26 small bones and numerous ligaments, muscles and tendons of our feet. Our pedag foot supports and insoles help your feet to stand through your life.

With love and attention to detail

Orthopaedic foot supports become increasingly important. About 80 percent of the population suffer from foot problems or weak feet. Moreover, backache is often due to foot disorders and even to wearing wrong footwear. Be it heel spurs, a burning sensation in the balls of the feet, hammer toes, fallen arches, splayed and flat feet–there are many different foot-related problems people suffer from. And that’s exactly where pedag comes in.

For more than 50 years, pedag has been looking after your feet and shoes. We carefully analyse the demands of our customers and collaborate with experts in the orthopaedic area, in order to develop products that increase your well-being and help you to preserve the health of your feet. To achieve the desired results, every detail is important. From choosing the most appropriate leathers and carefully bonding the parts of the insole, to meticulously controlling the final product – our foot supports are favouritely handmade and the result of expertise and knowledge. That guarantees high-quality insoles and foot supports throughout the whole manufacturing process.

Always up to date

Image Always up to date

Creating innovative products and manufacturing processes is our passion. On our premises we don’t only host the production, but also research and development. We concentrate our efforts on helping you keep your feet healthy and make you look brilliant – our shoe care products help you preserve the look and quality of your shoes for a long time. Sustainability is the key to all our efforts. According to our motto “Go Green!” we develop eco-friendly products, like our waterproofer that does not harm nature.

Certified quality

We guarantee that our products are truly high-quality. We comply with this demand through our expertise and well-founded developing and manufacturing processes. The quality of our products has been proven and certified by renowned institutions such as the German TÜV and the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). Aside from this, our quality management is certified according to the German standard DIN EN ISO 13485.

We focus on people

We focus on people

Our goal is to offer just the highest quality and the best products. We work hard to achieve this aim, day after day.

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pedag quality

pedag quality

pedag is an international brand that stands for healthy and well-cared feet. Our quality has repeatedly been certified.

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