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Put an end to cold feet!

Kalte Füße im Winter

Everybody has had cold feet in their life. Especially in late autumn and winter, cold feet can become a serious problem. Cold feet are actually one of the body’s protection mechanisms.

The blood vessels contract in order to maintain the body temperature and protect our vital organs. The so called thermoregulation often leads to the extremities cooling down – and we get cold feet.

When feet get wet, due to snow and ice in winter, this enhances the further cooling of the feet. As a result, we feel uncomfortable and we might even have problems to fall asleep. We feel less fit, our immune system weakens and we become more susceptible to catching a cold. Not only does the person affected suffer from a cold, but it also affects the people around us: your partner will hardly be able to fall asleep with you blowing your nose and coughing all night and your colleagues will have to stand in for you in order to get your work done.

Cold feet? Easy Solution!

The simplest solution is usually the best. And that’s true with cold feet, too. Try to avoid getting cold feet. Wearing warm (but not too tight socks), having a relaxing foot bath, frequently practising outdoor exercises and taking a warming cherry stone pillow to bed are good measures to keep your feet warm. Warm drinks, especially tea, are also a great way to stay warm and healthy. Hot coffee, however, isn’t the best way to keep you warm, as the caffeine contained in it makes the blood vessels contract even farther.

But what if you’re outside? How can you keep your feet warm? The simplest and most effective way to protect your feet from getting cold is using thermo insoles. They insulate and protect from the cold of the ground and their soft surface warms your feet.

Winter insoles that meet every need

Image Winter insoles that meet every need

If you don’t want to choose between a healthy and comfortable foot support and a warming insole, try pedag VIVA® WINTER – the world’s first thermo foot support: The tried-and-trusted anatomical foot bed by pedag supports the longitudinal and transversal arches of the foot. It relieves the forefoot, the ball as well as the longitudinal arch and provides a soft cushioning for strained heels.

The insole’s cold barrier consists of three different layers: the natural, pure wool on the surface absorbs the moisture of the foot and keeps it pleasantly warm and cosy. The high-tech foam layer with thousands of closed air cells cushions the foot and insulates against the cold emitted by the ground. The underside consists of special aluminium foil that reflects the cold and retains the warmth inside the shoe.

The ideal thermo insole for tight and fashionable shoes is pedag MERINO. This insole is only about 0.1 inch thick and therefore suitable for elegant city boots and fashionable men’s loafers. The super-fine and silky-soft fibres of the merino wool are provided with millions of microscopically small air chambers. The air stored in these chambers naturally regulates the temperature inside the shoe. In spring and summer, pedag MERINO cools your feet, in autumn and winter it keeps them warm and cosy.

pedag PASCHA is the perfect insole for everyone who loves exceptionally warm feet. It is made of insulating cork that acts as a natural barrier against cold grounds. At the same time, it retains the heat inside the shoe. The insole’s surface consists of thick and super-soft lambskin that provides cosy warmth.

Our product range includes a large selection of thermo insoles designed to meet every need. pedag SOLAR, pedag ALU ASTROpedag FLEECE, pedag KEEP WARM and pedag ALASKA – one of them will be perfect to warm your feet, too. These warming companions will help you to put an end to cold feet!



The warm, soft and supporting thermo foot support - our highlight for cold winter days!

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