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What makes our feet smell?

Image What makes our feet smell?

Sometimes it’s not that bad, at times it is almost unbearable – smelly feet! About every third person perceives the smell of the own feet as unpleasant. Foot odour is a very common and wide-spread problem. And it does not depend on water, soap and high-tech materials. But then, what makes our feet smell?

Simple answer: sweat – natural and useful!

When the blood circulation in our skin does not manage to keep our body cool, our brain gives the signal to produce sweat. Sweat basically consists of water, salt and very few other things. Sweat cools our body as the water on our skin evaporates, thus creating the so called evaporation cold.

Our skin has more than two million sweat glands. These sweat glands are highly agglomerated in certain areas of our body, as in the axilla, the forehead, palms and also in the soles of our feet. Altogether, our sweat glands usually produce a minimum of half a litre of sweat on a regular day. But this amount can increase to up to 10 litres on a single day! If we break that amount down to our feet, we are talking about more than a shot glass of sweat produced by them – on a regular day with regular temperatures and regular stress. Most of this sweat is produced in the forefoot.

Foot odour depends on the shoe

Shoes and socks protect our feet. But they can also provoke foot odour when they hamper the proper circulation of the air. Most of our body parts are not tightly “wrapped up” so that the upcoming moisture can easily evaporate. But our feet are literally wrapped up in socks and shoes during the whole day, the air does not get in. Therefore, the sweat simply cannot evaporate and the skin becomes irritated.

Sport causes sweaty feet.

In the sole of our feet and in the gaps between the toes there are no sebaceous glands and therefore there is no greasy film that protects the skin from moisture. There is usually a very thick horny layer that covers the soles of the feet. The skin soaks up the moisture and expands, thus losing its protective properties and elasticity. Badly fitting shoes that pinch or rub accelerate this effect. And the humid and warm environment inside the shoe is ideal for bacteria and fungi to reproduce and get into the skin. The result can be unpleasant complaints but also serious issues: rashes, inflammations and athlete’s foot.

But in addition to these complaints, the bacterial decomposition also causes odours. The proper sweat is actually odourless, the unpleasant smell only comes up when the bacteria start decomposing the sweat. This is extremely important to know especially when choosing the best insoles for you as insoles and foot supports made of breathable and absorbent materials contribute to reduce the sweat. And less sweat means less “food” for bacteria.

pedag products fight foot odour

Our pedag active carbon filter effectively breaks the circle of warmth, sweat and the creation of odours as it is permeable to air, thus allowing the foot to breathe. Our active carbon filter is made of special highly porous carbon. Most pores are extremely tiny and not even perceptible with a microscope. Therefore, the carbon we use has an extremely large surface that effectively fights odours. When walking on our pedag products, you basically walk on an odour magnet the size of a football field. The active carbon soaks up odour particles to up to half of its weight. Nevertheless, it is important to air the insoles after wearing to allow the active carbon filter to dry and regenerate.

pedag always combines this and other active carbon filters with highly absorbent and extremely breathable materials, for example natural plant fibres, natural fabrics or fine leather with unsealed surface. This material blend contributes to an optimal air circulation within the shoe. This allows us to create a wide range of different high-quality insoles that effectively fight and prevent the creation of malodours, i. e. pedag LEATHER, pedag ACTIV, pedag VIVA®, pedag SIESTA, pedag ANTISTATIC PLUS and many others.



The leather (vegetable tanned) insole that effectively stops foot odour.

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pedag SHOE DEO

pedag SHOE DEO

The pump spray pedag SHOE DEO makes your feet feel fresh - it neutralizes unpleasant odours and adds a light scent to your shoes.

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