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Foot supports for kids

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The first steps we take in our lives might be the hardest, but they are also the most exciting for everyone. When our children start walking longer distances, it is important to support their little feet so that their muscles can strengthen, therefore preventing malformations of the feet. Our pedag foot supports for children can contribute to their healthy development.

Foot supports are of great help when it comes to support the development of healthy feet. However, the feet of children are very special. They are still healthy and do not suffer from civilisation damages that are usually caused by wearing fashionable, tight-fitting shoes, high heels or one-sided movements and unbalanced activities. Children’s feet are highly mobile; their arches are still very elastic. Their subcutaneous fat tissue is voluminous and the overall tissue structure is still flexible. Nevertheless, it is also important to provide children’s feet with gentle but strong support.

Support for the longitudinal arch

The support of the longitudinal arch contributes to the healthy development of the children’s feet as it balances the foot and impairs the over-bending of the arch. Our foot supports for children therefore prevent effectively the creation of splayed feet. The longitudinal arch support also prevents the ankles from twisting.

But there are of course elements of foot supports that are not suitable for children. Metatarsal pads that many of our adult foot supports like pedag COMFORT are equipped with are a good example for this. Splayfeet come up as a consequence of fallen longitudinal arches – this is why you usually find them only in mature feet. There are only very few cases in which children already have splayed feet. However, in this case they are due to genetic factors and must be treated by an orthopaedist.

A good foot support for children

A good foot support for children is made of flexible supporting materials that adapt to the child’s feet. This allows the muscles of the feet to be active and therefore develop and strengthen. Another important element of good children’s foot supports is the walking surface. It should be made of natural, breathable and absorbent materials that keep the little feet dry and hygienic. These crucial elements are of course included in our children’s foot supports pedag JOY and pedag BAMBINI.



The children's foot support made of fine, vegetable tanend leather promotes the healthy development of your child’s feet.

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pedag JOY

pedag JOY

The flexible children’s foot support that helps them discover the world.

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