Trend sport Canicross

Your dog is pulling the leash? In canicross, that's what he's supposed to do. A fast-paced sport for humans and dogs, which has many facets.

How you care for leather seats in your car

You got a car with leather seats and you wonder how you take care of them? We have the answer.

Clean and store winter shoes

In a few weeks is time for a season change in the shoe closet and the wardrobe. But how will the winter shoes stay beautiful until the next use?

Do you have a tidy shoe closet?

How tidy is your shoe cabinet? Our current blog article gives you suggestions on how to store your shoes properly and keep them neat and tidy.

Tips against cold feet

It's far too cold outside? You might enjoy going outside again – with our tips that help you stay warm this winter.

Sports in winter

Exercise is important in winter. Practicing sport boosts the cardiovascular system, strengthens the immune system and makes you happy.

Clean Santa Boots

Tip for the time before the 6.12.: Bring your boots up to shine together with your kids. Because then Santa Claus will enjoy his visit much more.

Clean your hiking boots

To make hiking boots ready for every adventure with you, proper care is important. This keeps hiking boots fit for a long time.

How to waterpoof

Don’t be afraid of bad weather! Our pedag waterproofers do not leave you out in the rain: they protect shoes and outdoor equipment from getting wet and dirty

Cloth layering

This principle can compensate temperature fluctuations. This helps in everyday life and is particularly important during sports.

Shoe care for in between

No time to clean your shoes thoroughly? We have five products ready to make your shoes look well-groomed, even if it has to be done quickly.

Apprenticeship fair

Under the motto "Training is future! Find out what fits!" the 10th training fair of the district Dahme-Spreewald took place in Königs Wusterhausen on August 24, 2019.
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