Hiking in & round Berlin

Berlin is much more than just party & shopping: the city and its surroundings offer some very good hiking opportunities. Here are some of our favorites.

Netzhoppers player tests pedag insoles

Netzhoppers player Maximilian Auste has recently started testing some of our sports insoles and comments: pedag. Feels good.

It tweaks and pinches?

Peep toe time! Manicured toes and well-cared ladies’ feet are proudly shown in light summer shoes. But what if your pretty shoes pinch and tweak?

Heel spur aids

A heel spur is a painful ossification of the heel bone at insertion point of the short foot muscles. Heel cushions can and alleviate pain.

Children's feet sweat

It’s not only a problem of adults: kids can have sweaty feet, too. This is why in summer it is important that kids’ shoes have breathable insoles.

Care for your insoles

You have bought some new insoles and want to keep them for as long as possible? We provide 5 care tips for insoles for you.

Tips for beautiful feet

Light ballerinas and sandals are fashion must-haves in summer. They put your feet in the limelight. We have five refreshing tips for beautiful feet.

Sustainable products

The environment is a topic close to our hearts - and it is for many people, too. Therefore we at pedag make sure to use raw materials that do not pollute man and nature.

No more bad fitting shoes

It is hard for you to find well-fitting shoes? Our pedag half and full insoles will help you to make any shoe fit perfectly.

Parentum in Wildau 2019

Students are often perplexed by the many possibilities available after school - so are their parents!

Splayfoot issues?

Do the bunions of your feet burn? Do you suffer from aching forefeet? If your answer is yes, you might have a splayfoot. Metatarsal pads can help.

Smooth leather, suede leather & Co.

Do you know how to care for different types of leather? A quick overview of their particularities and which care they like best.