Exercise keeps you fit

Exercise keeps you fit

Exercise is important to keep our body healthy for a long time. Unfortunately, there's a lack of movement in our daily routine: we sit in the office all day long, stand behind the counter or get to work by public transport or car. Many people do not have the time for regular sports - so it is all the more important to integrate more exercise into everyday life. With these proposals this can succeed.

Small exercises - big effect

Sometimes it is difficult to get more exercise. One fears the great effort behind it, no matter whether it is a matter of energy or time. Thoughts like "It takes too long, I still have so much to do" or "It's too much for me, I've worked so much the whole day!" demotivate. Even small units of exercise, spread over the day, are enough to convert more energy and become constantly fitter. It doesn't have to be the 20-minute workout!

It is important to exercise moderately in everyday life: So don't run to the bus stop to catch the bus, but rather start a little earlier and reach your destination in quick, powerful steps. The movement should be strenuous, but should not take your breath away.


10 tips for more exercise in everyday life

  1. Take the bike
    Go to work or shopping by bike more often.
  2. Park further away
    If you can't do without the car: When shopping or working, take the parking lot furthest from your destination and walk the rest.
  3. Get off earlier
    If you use public transport more often: Get off one or two stations earlier / later and walk the rest.
  4. Take the stairs
    Wherever you could use an elevator in everyday life: Take the stairs instead.
  5. Active in the office
    Desk workers in particular are not moving enough. Visit your colleagues in person if you need to discuss something instead of picking up the phone or writing an e-mail.
  6. Active breaks
    Take breaks from time to time, stretch and twist your upper body or do squats or push-ups. Use longer breaks for a walk - alone or together with your colleagues.
  7. Active at the desk
    Move your feet under the table: roll forwards and backwards from heel to toes, pull your feet up and stretch them down. Circle your feet under the table.
  8. Go for a coffee
    Take this appointment literally and meet up with friends for a walk instead of a visit to the café.
  9. Active tooth brushing
    Use the time you spend brushing your teeth for balance exercises: Stand alternately on your left and right leg; or do some squats.
  10. Sports in front of the TV
    The probably best possibility to integrate some sport into the everyday life without additional expenditure of time is in the evening before the television set. Do some fitness exercises while watching TV. Don't overdo it, however, so that the inner bastard doesn't have a chance.

And if the desire to move is awakened over time and you are flirting with a first easy run or a longer hike, reward your feet with a soothing fitness foot support, e.g. pedag Viva Sport or pedag Outdoor. They support the natural movement of the foot and relieve the entire musculoskeletal system. For lasting fun in movement.

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