Fit for spring

Fit for spring

Do you miss spring? Not for long, then the temperatures get milder again. It's high time to get back in shape and get going again. Be it to prepare for the first competition of the year or to get rid of a few extra pounds. Our pedag sports insoles will help you to achieve your goals as they support you and your feet to perform to the maximum.

Did you put on some weight this winter? Did your love handles get a little bigger, maybe during Christmas and New Year? Well, it’s high time to get rid of your winter weight, because ‘fresh’ pounds are easier to lose than those that you have been carrying along with you for a longer time. So get out and start moving! Also if your sports workload has suffered during the dark winter or colds have limited your sports program - now is the time to get back on your feet.


Slowly increase your sports program

How about an extended bike ride? Or a nice trip on your inline skates? Activities like these will help you to activate the muscles that have barely been used during winter – and active muscles help burn fat faster! However, your feet need support when biking or skating, and even more when practicing high performance sports with abrupt changes of direction, starts and stops. Our competition insole pedag Power is the ideal support for this kind of activities. Its optimal power transmission makes sure that no performance is lost...



If you love nature, you might prefer other sports like Nordic Pole Walking to lose you fresh winter pounds. With a little less speed but powerful steps you get a perfect combination of enjoying nature and exercising. Our endurance insole pedag Energy is the best choice for Nordic Walking and all other endurance sports: it absorbs the impact shocks of your steps and significantly reduces the risk of getting injured.


Make exercises become part of your daily routine

Maybe you're just not fit enough to get back on track because a cold still has you under control? In this case it helps to integrate movement into everyday life. Because exercise can also be made part of everyday life outside of fitness studios and runs in the woods.

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or the escalator.
  • Go to see your colleagues in the office instead of calling or emailing them.
  • If you use public transport to go to work:
    hop on one stop later and hop off one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way.
    standing is better than sitting – your muscles are more active and the other passengers are delighted about the free seat.
  • When going to work by car: why don’t you take the parking lot that is farthest away from the entrance of your company? Or park one block away from work.

If your goal is besides movement to lose a few pounds: important thing when on a diet is to control your weight on a daily basis. But don’t panic when you seem to have put on some weight again. Ups and downs in the range of one or two kilos are absolutely normal.

pedag. Enjoy sports.