Health Night in Koenigs Wusterhausen

Many visitors at pedag's headquarters

26.08.2019 | On 24 August the "Lange Nacht der Gesundheit" (Long Night of Health) took place in Königs Wusterhausen. pedag also welcomed visitors at the company headquarters in the district Zeesen and informed about foot health. Netzhoppers player Maximilian Auste, who has been testing pedag sports insolesfor several weeks, was also on site to report on his experiences.

Lange-Nacht-der-Gesundheit-Netzhoppers-pedag_975-504Netzhoppers player Maximilan Auste with a visitor

Everyone likes to be popular – everyone, but also a brand or a product. The pedag team knows what useful products they all produce for people of all ages ... but they had hardly expected such an overwhelming response during the Long Night of Health.

The interest in pedag's foot pressure analysis (pedagram) and individual consultation was so great that the visitors waited patiently for this event for up to an hour at peak times. With homemade muffins and fresh fruit, lively discussions and testings took place in a relaxed atmosphere and among nice people. Foot pressure zones were measured, explained and relieved with pedag foot supports.


A convincing feel-good effect

For the pedag team it was amazing: almost no visitor was aware that the placeholder insoles in their sneakers are removable and offer no anatomical function. Therefore, the guests were particularly surprised by the feel-good effect when their individual pressure points were relieved with the right foot support, simply because the anatomical shape distributes the weight pressure more evenly and reduces the load.

While foot supports can make any type of shoe more comfortable and healthier, the conscious handling of our feet (including functional gymnastics and stretching exercises) helps to prevent, relieve and therapy. Dr. Barbara Schwanitz completed the information offer in the pedag rooms with her practical instructions and exercises for self-help with foot complaints*. Thus the participants of the Long Night of Health were able to take along a wide range of inspiration for their healthy walking - and went into the warm summer night with their "newly fitted" shoes.

Lange-Nacht-der-Gesundheit-Besucher-pedag_975-504Visitors waiting for their foot type consultation.


Night of Health 2019

For the fourth time the "Netzwerk für Gesundheits- und Sozialwirtschaft Königs Wusterhausen e.V." (Network for Health and Social Economy Königs Wusterhausen e.V.) organized the Long Night of Health. This year under the motto "Healthy through exercise and sport". The eleven participating companies from the fields of health, sport and social affairs were supported by the first team of the local volleyball club "Netzhoppers". One of the players was on site at all partners – at Schelchen GmbH it was be Maximilian Auste who plays in the diagonal attack position at the Netzhoppers.

The Long Night of Health was opened at 4 p.m. in the Achenbach Hospital by Dr. Kerstin Schneider, chairwoman of the network. At the various stations, interested citizens could learn everything they need to know about health, nutrition, sport and exercise.

At Schelchen GmbH the focus was on foot health. At the foot pressure measuring station "pedag Easy Step", visitors could find out in seconds which foot type they have and which matching products from the pedag range they can wear preventively and soothingly.

*) Frau Dr. Barbara Schwanitz. „Fuß-Fibel. Tut Gutes für Eure Füße. Vom Knickfuß zum aufrechten Gang.“

For more information see (German).


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