New: Antistatic Plus

Anti-static foot support for the work safety area

11.04.2018 | In the spring of 2018, Schelchen GmbH is launching an antistatically effective foot support for the work safety sector. The foot support improves the comfort in work safety shoes and keeps the antistatic properties of work shoes thanks to antistatic functional fibers and special antistatic foam.


pedag Antistatic Plus is the successor of the antistatic insole pedag Antistatic. With a replaceable ESD foot support, comfort, support and hygiene can be noticeably improved in safety footwear.

The functional and feather-light foot support has a shock-absorbing and relieving effect thanks to special foam. The anatomically shaped EVA foot support with longitudinal arch support and light metatarsal pad supports, relieves, prevents fatigue and protects spine and joints. The heel cup supports and distributes the impact energy, an additional heel cushion absorbs the impact.

Absorbent functional fibers absorb foot moisture and ensure a pleasant wearing comfort. An active carbon filter prevents unpleasant odors.

Special foam and functional fibers are antistatically effective.

What does ESD mean?

ESD is the abbreviation for "Electrostatic Discharge". These unwanted discharges can lead to the ignition of flammable substances or damage to sensitive components. It is therefore essential to avoid such discharges in sensitive working areas. To ensure this, appropriate protective clothing is required, including shoes, gloves, jackets, trousers, but also tools, floors and tables must be protected against electrostatic discharge. Electrostatically effective insoles and foot supports fulfil this requirement and "incidentally" increase comfort in the shoe: the fit is improved and this in turn extends the service life of the often cost-intensive shoes.

The PLUS in pedag Antistatic Plus

  • antistatically effective
  • prevents fatigue
  • absorbs foot moisture
  • improves the fit of the shoe
  • improves comfort and prevents discomfort
  • prolongs the service life of the work safety shoe

pedag. Feels good.

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