Tips for beautiful feet

Tips for beautiful feet

Summer is finally here! Time for barefoot walking or wearing airy ballet flats and sandals – the must haves of the season that put your feet into the limelight. This summer’s sight is even more beautiful when the feet are neat and tidy and protected when walking barefoot in the shoe. We have five fresh tips for beautiful feet.


Relaxing foot bath

A foot bath is a true blessing, essential oils stimulate the senses. Citrus scent is reviving tired feet. A foot bath with oak bark or Tannin is good against strong perspiration on the feet.


Soft feet again

Cornea should be removed regularly. Prepare the skin with a foot soak and a foot scrub, then file off the affected areas with a pumice stone or file. Smooth gently with a finer foot file afterwards.


Cutting toe nails

Cut nails with a nail scissor or a clip not too short and relatively straight. The white should be seen the nail should protrude beyond the bed. Then file off edges and corners, and remove debris.


Give your feet a treat

Afterwards pamper your feet with a rich cream that gives your skin back the moisture. Always care for your feet when the rest of the body receives care – for example after you have taken a shower. This prevents calluses.


Silk protects delicate feet

The perfect care for here and there and a silky-light protection for feet is the barefoot spray pedag Silky Touch. Its caring formula with natural silk ensures a pleasant walking sensation in the shoes. Once sprayed upon your feet pedag Silky Touch gives the skin a silky, dry feeling. The invisible and breathable protection layer covers your foot like a second skin and keeps it dry, thus protecting it from friction and blisters.

The pleasant and fresh grapefruit fragrance gives your feet an even more intense feeling of summer freshness. All these features make the pampering skin-friendly barefoot spray the best friend for delicate feet and it becomes an indispensable companion in summer or when travelling – and simply every time you wear shoes without socks.

Feel good in summer. With pedag.