pedag. Feels good.

A new era starts with a new slogan: pedag. Fühlt sich gut an. (pedag. Feels good.) Improved wellness and comfort of our foot supports, more sustainable shoe care products and the important step towards a representative website clearly show what pedag stands for: innovation, prime-quality and the fact that we are close to our customers.


The claim is quickly explained.

  • pedag. Feels good, because the insoles and foot supports provide a completely changed walking sensation and simply feel good.
  • pedag. Feels good, because well kept shoes don’t only last longer and look better, but also feel good.
  • pedag. Feels good, because we focus on the people. This applies to our intense collaboration with professionals, retailers and customers, but also to our employees.


Our slogan wants to communicate our ideology in an emotional way, through times and trends, as the wish of feeling well is also immanent and persisting. It explains on a personal level what pedag stands for and conveys a clear promise creating associations and responding to our customers’ demands: pedag. Feels good.


pedag. Feels good, because we preserve the health of your feet. With our wellness foot supports, insoles and the gel product range we treat your feet. In collaboration with orthopaedic experts do we create insoles and foot supports that are able to relieve foot complaints.

pedag. Feels good, because we want to protect the environment. Especially in our shoe care products do we seek a balance between the advantages of innovative chemical products and the protection of the environment. Therefore, our leather, one of our most important raw materials, is processed in an environmentally friendly way, in order to protect nature.

pedag. Feels good, because we truly live great quality and service. We promise just the highest quality products to our customers. To guarantee this, our work has been certified by renowned institutions such as the German TÜV and the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). Aside from this, our quality management system is certified according to the German standard DIN EN ISO 13485.

pedag. Feels good, because we focus on details. We keep on improving our products with all our love, passion and inventiveness. That starts with choosing the best leather for our foot supports and does not end with inventing and constantly improving our shoe care products.

pedag. Feels good, because we offer a broad range of products. We prove this with our wide product ranges for shoe sellers as well as with Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS, made especially for orthopaedists.

In short: pedag. Feels good. – Experience it yourself!