What we stand for

Our promise is to manufacture products that will

  • make walking so comfortable that you do not want to walk without pedag any more and
  • to prolong the deeply felt joy about every new shoe.

The quality of all materials and work steps is very important to us. Just as much as the conscious joy of creating our useful products together in a productive way.

Here you can find out more about pedag and the company: its history, our corporate philosophy and current job vacancies.


Innovative technologies for more sustainability


Nature is our habitat – and we should take it into account. To live and to produce in a sustainable way is an essential part of our brand philosophy. To always find the balance between technical possibilities, a comfortable lifestyle and eco-friendly products – that is a task which we are dedicated to with all passion.

We regularly optimize our formulas, mainly use natural ingredients and prefer water as solvent in order to meet our great responsibility for people and nature.


Our claim: pedag. Feels good.


To feel good is a deep human desire. What the motto 'pedag. Feels good' means is easily explained.

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History: innovation and tradition


In 1955, the founder of our company, Hartmut Schelchen, started selling insoles and shoe care products.

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Certified: The pedag quality


pedag is an international brand that stands for healthy and well-cared feet. Our quality has repeatedly been tested and certified.

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Philosophy: We focus on people


Our goal is to offer just the highest quality and the best products. We work hard to achieve this aim, day after day.

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Professional ORTHO Systems


Orthopaedic arch supports made by experts – with our modular product range ORTHO SYSTEMS.

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Contact: Write to us!

Do you have questions about the company or the products? Write us!

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