Tips for party queens

Soon it's New Year's Eve, the biggest party night of the year. The turn of the year is best when you don't associate it with aching feet afterwards.

Tips against cold feet

It's far too cold outside? You might enjoy going outside again – with our tips that help you stay warm this winter.

Kids insoles & shoes

Most children are born with healthy feet. To develop healthy feet, flexible insoles and shoes that fit well are important.

Vegan insoles

More and more people do without animal products - not only when it comes to nutrition. In our assortment you will find many vegan insoles & foot supports.

Let your sneakers shine

If regular wearing leaves traces, a top sneaker quickly turns into a flop sneaker. Learn how sneakers get clean again quickly.

Cloth layering

This principle can compensate temperature fluctuations. This helps in everyday life and is particularly important during sports.

Exercise keeps you fit

Many people lack the time for regular sports - so it is all the more important to integrate more exercise into everyday life.

Lace up running shoes

Every runner knows blue toenails, pain on the instep or blisters. We present three lacing techniques that can provide relief.

Positioning of met pads

Splayfoot cushions alleviate complaints or prevent the development of a splayfoot. But how are pads placed correctly?

What a foot print tells

A footprint is worth a thousand words. It shows exactly where the feet are being strained.

Heel spur aids

A heel spur is a painful ossification of the heel bone at insertion point of the short foot muscles. Heel cushions can and alleviate pain.

What is your foot type?

There are three common foot types. Find out what they are, how to find out what foot type you have and which footbed is right for you.