Children's feet sweat

Children's feet sweat

Slowly but steadily summer is approaching. The hotter it gets, the more people – adults and children – enjoy walking barefoot. Walking without shoes not only is a nice and pleasant feeling, but it is also good for your feet. Nevertheless, sometimes you need shoes, if nothing else to protect your feet. Particularly important for kids: their feet sweat and so they need breathable and absorbent shoes – all year round, but especially in summer.

Most people do not associate children with sweaty feet. The truth is, however, that kids’ feet sweat just as much as adult feet when wearing shoes. Kids’ feet might be smaller than adult feet, but they already have the same amount of sweat glands. It is more: playing and frolicking around is exhausting, so little adventurers – and their feet – easily start to sweat. In conclusion, as kids are much more active, they usually sweat even more than adults.


Unpleasant odors are the result of bacteria decomposing the sweat. The “waste products” of this process are what makes shoes become smelly. This is why shoes should be aired for a minimum of two days after wearing. You should also make sure your kids change their socks (preferably made of cotton) on a daily basis (this, by the way, also applies to adults). If your kids tend to have extremely sweaty feet, it can be of help to wash their feet twice a day. Afterwards, dry them thoroughly and put on some lotion – and don’t forget the gaps between the toes.


Breathable shoes, hygienic insoles

To make sure the climate inside your kids’ shoes is the best for their feet, the shoes should be made of breathable materials and have a removable and therefore replaceable insole. For perfectly hygienic shoes, rely on special kids’ insoles. Make sure your kids try on the shoes already with the insoles placed inside, as this is the best way to see if the shoes still fit properly. For maximum hygiene and minimum foot odor, you can regularly replace the insoles with a new pair.

pedag offers a wide range of different kids’ insoles: there are 12 different summer and winter models, many even available from US size 4,5 (European 20). All of our insoles are breathable and mostly made of natural materials, for example cork, leather, wool, jute felt and sisal. The summer insoles have a cotton terry surface that keeps your kids’ little feet dry. But don’t forget to air the insoles after wearing – so ideally purchase two pairs and wear alternatingly.

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