Dancing on weddings

Dancing on weddings

Spring brings the first weddings and summer the first parties. But what about your feet? Light and airy strappy sandals and pumps are omnipresent in spring and summer, but your feet first have to get used to the new shoes. Especially the first few days without socks often lead to friction in the shoe. pedag's GEL products take the strain off your feet and you can dance carefree at several weddings. The invisible helpers are a real relief even in open shoes.


The first summer parties and weddings are just around the corner. But long evenings in light high heels and strappy sandals can quickly become a torture when the shoes pinch because the feet are no longer used to walk barefoot in the shoe. The gel pads pedag High Life pamper your feet. They give you optimal soft comfort at the point where the foot is most stressed: the ball of your foot. The anatomically shaped gel half insole cushions all five metatarsophalangeal joints. So pain doesn't stand a chance and you can continue celebrating with a smile on your face.


You have a splayfoot? Many women who suffer from burning bunions want an invisible helper for their wedding or party, that makes walking, standing and dancing more comfortable even in open shoes. pedag Feel Good is such a helper. The anatomically shaped gel pad is designed for particularly stressed balls of the foot in shoes with little space. The gel pad relieves the transverse arch of the foot and thus effectively relieves foot pain. The lateral "padded wings" additionally protect and bed the sensitive toe and metatarsophalangeal joints. This makes your feet last longer, even at parties.

The great thing about the two gel pads: they are absolutely discreet and invisible even in open summer shoes! This makes them the perfect choice for bridal shoes.


Soft protection for the toes

Especially in the first days in slingbacks, sandals & Co., when the feet have not got used to the airy shoe yet, blisters on toes, heel or elsewhere on the foot can become a problem. The barefoot spray pedag Silky Touch can prevent blisters. It pampers with real silk and protects the foot from friction like an invisible, breathable stocking.

pedag's toe protection products are also little helpers for summer with great effect. They protect the toes with a soft and hygienic gel. It is elastic and very tear-resistant, so that it adapts perfectly to every toe or foot. The cosmetic oil it contains provides additional moisture and is pleasant on the skin. Equipped like this, weddings and summer parties can come!


Tips for prince charming

Of course, we have not forgotten the Gentlemen! They pamper their feet, for example, with the pedag Viva® comfort foot support. The anatomically shaped foot support made of fine cowhide also fits into narrow lace-up shoes and prevents signs of fatigue. For those who like it more minimalistic: the pedag Ultra Heel gel heel cup provides relaxation for strained heels.

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