eco-friendly shoe care

eco-friendly shoe care

Do you buy in an environmentally conscious way and – if you have the choice – usually choose the "greener" product? In many areas of our lives, this is working very well. Many manufacturers attach more importance to environmentally friendly products. And so have we  since the founding of our company. A matter of the heart for us: environmentally friendly shoe care, which also impresses with its performance. Such shoe care we present you in the current tip of the month: pedag eco-friendly.

The topic of sustainability is and remains current. We have a great responsibility towards our environment - as a producer and as a consumer. As up-to-date as the topic may be, we have followed its principles since our company was founded: We prefer to make insoles and shoe trees from natural materials; natural raw materials have also been a focus of the pedag shoe care for a long time. We are constantly optimizing the formulations of our classic care products so that we can offer consumers more environmentally friendly and solvent-free care products containing natural active ingredients, such as: carnauba wax, beeswax and shea butter.


"The development of the care line pedag eco-friendly was the next logical step for us. It is a revolutionary milestone in the field of shoe care, with which we take account of our great responsibility and provide consumers with sustainable and biologically harmless and highly innovative care products", Thomas Timm (CEO Schelchen GmbH) describes the project.


What is pedag eco-friendly all about?

It is a lean product line that focuses on the essential care processes and covers all areas: clean, care, protect - that's how easy shoe care can be. The formulations of the care products are biodegradable, non-toxic, 100% solvent-free, water-based and 100% PFC-free.


pedag eco-friendly overview

  1. Pure Cleanser
    Extremely effective in-depth cleansing for all materials. Mild foam dissolves dirt and stains. Also ideal for bags and leather accessories. Solvent-free. 100 % biodegradable. >> Zum Produkt
  2. Deep Conditioner
    Sustainable and high-quality care for all materials, except for textiles. Cleans, nourishes and protects gently. With aloe vera and lanolin. Solvent-free. 98 % biodegradable. >> Zum Produkt
  3. Natural Protector
    Protects all materials from dirt and moisture, sustainably and effectively. Keeps the material supple and breathable. For indoor use. Odorless, water-based and 100% PFC-free. 98 % biodegradable. >> Zum Produkt
  4. Active Fresh
    Active freshness for shoes and sports bags. The innovative pedag formula adsorbs odor molecules and neutralizes shoe odor. With subtle scent. 99 % biodegradable. >> Zum Produkt


How does the Natural Protector work?

The eco-friendly waterproofer works with the ingredient Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) – which is not to be confused with silicon as a waterpoofing agent! Compared to silicon, SiO2 is not only rated as harmless, it is even used in food industry (e.g. to prevent yoghurt from sticking inside the pot or clump together) and we consume it via drinking water as part of our food.

In the Natural Protector, millions of glassy molecules arrange around each individual fiber. This 3D molecular structure is like an invisible protective layer, which protects and even makes absorbent materials, such as suede and textile, water-repellent.

pedag eco-friendly. For the love of shoes and nature.