Kids insoles & shoes

Kids insoles & shoes

Most children are born with healthy feet - a fascinating work of art with more than 26 bones per foot, which is constantly developing. In order to develop healthy feet, shoes that fit well are important. They should not restrict the foot and be flexible so that the foot remains mobile. There are also insoles and foot supports for children. They also give priority to flexibility and natural materials.

Even babies train their foot muscles by frequently moving their feet back and forth, pulling them together and reaching for them. Many parents are fascinated by this spectacle. When children start taking their first steps, they should do so barefoot if possible, so that their feet can develop healthily and are not constricted. Even if the child can already walk, it should be allowed to explore its world barefoot as often as possible.



The width measurement system

Of course, children cannot always walk barefoot due to everyday life and the weather. Buying children's shoes is difficult for many parents at the beginning: Which shoe fits? How flexible does it have to be? The common method of checking with the thumb whether the shoe fits is not recommended, because children instinctively pull on their toes. The result: the shoes are bought too small because they supposedly fit.

The Width Measurement System (WMS), which many specialist shops offer, provides good orientation. It recommends leaving some space in front of the toes of new children's shoes, about 1 cent. The toes need this space for rolling and growing. To prevent children from sliding forward in their shoes, the shoes should securely enclose the foot without constricting it. Try on a child's insole when you buy the shoes - it's an ideal way to see when it's time to buy new shoes: When you take out the insole, you can see the imprint of the toes on it. At the latest when there is only a few millimeters of room left, it is time for new children's shoes.


The shoe fits with children's insoles

If the shoe is a little too big: Insoles in children's shoes are ideal for compensating size. If shoes don't fit perfectly or if one size is too small and the next too big, pedag children's insoles can help. They are available in different thicknesses from 2 to 5 mm. Parents will quickly find an insole that turns an easily too large shoe into an optimally fitting shoe.



Pure nature - children's insoles all year round

We use natural, breathable and absorbent materials for our children's insoles: whether cork, leather, wool, jute felt or sisal - pedag's "Hits for Kids" are mostly pure nature and have a season all year round. Because children love to be outdoors - no matter what the weather.

Warm feet are especially important in winter, when children play in the snow or conquer the hills with their sleds. The warming insoles and foot supports for children are the perfect addition to boots and shoes. Five winter insoles are available from pedag: in different thicknesses and made of different materials - from pure natural products to vegan thermo insoles made of functional fibers for shoes with climate membranes. They all have one thing in common: they keep the warmth on the foot and the cold where it belongs: outside.

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