Netzhoppers player tests pedag insoles

Netzhoppers player tests pedag insoles

Volleyball is a popular sport. More than 1.5 million people in Germany play regularly, more than 500,000 of them are organized in clubs. One of them is Maximilian Auste from the Netzhoppers Königs Wusterhausen. He recently started testing our sports insoles and comments: pedag. Feels good.

Volleyball has a long history: In February 1895, William G. Morgan conceived the "Mintonette" as a gentle sport for older people. Volleyball developed into a demanding sport in the years that followed, in which playing intelligence and the ability to work in a team were essential. In the 1910s, the rules of six players per team and a maximum of three ball contacts, which still apply today, were introduced for the first time. Volleyball is a fast sport that demands a lot of tactics and fitness from the players. But it is also a sport that is considered particularly fair. Perhaps that is why it is so popular.


The rules in short

In volleyball, a comprehensive set of rules applies, but the game principle is quickly explained: two teams with six players each stand opposite each other on a field that is separated by a net. The players have the task of moving the ball over the net into the opposing field - preferably on the ground - with a maximum of three touches of the ball. This is because whoever hits the ball on the ground in the opposing field scores one point.

If a team makes a mistake, the opposing team gets one point. Mistakes are e.g.: the ball lands outside the playing field, a player touches the net, a player throws or holds a ball, etc.

A team wins a game if it has won three sets (out of five). Each set - with the exception of the fifth set - has 25 points. A set is won if one team scores 25 points and is at least two points ahead of the other team. If the score is 2:2 after four sets, the decisive fifth set is only played up to 15 points. The winner is the player who scores the points and is two points ahead.

You can read more about the volleyball rules here.


„Volleyball is a family tradition“

Volleyball fans connect Königs Wusterhausen, our company headquarters just outside Berlin, to Netzhoppers in particular. A volleyball club whose men's team plays at first league level in Brandenburg. One of them, Maximilian Auste, recently started testing our sports soles.

"I've been playing volleyball for 12 years, continuing the family tradition. My parents both lived this sport and are now my most loyal fans. I have also tried other ball sports, but I have remained true to volleyball. At the Netzhoppers Königs Wusterhausen I play in the position of the diagonal attacker. This position has the attack as its main task and has to provide points even in difficult situations. Of course this is accompanied by many explosive jumps. As a team we train 8-10 times a week during the season. These are a lot of jumps and a big strain for the body and especially the feet which have to carry everything", Max reports.


Maximilian is testing sports insoles

Max wears shoe size 50 and has been testing the pedag Viva® Sport, pedag Energy and pedag Power sports foot supports for several weeks now.

"I was able to test the pedag Energy and pedag Power sports foot supports during my more intensive and special training sessions. The pedag Energy insoles were my companions for fitness sessions, in most cases longer runs on the tartan track or on forest paths," Max describes his test.


"pedag Power, on the other hand, was used in athletics and volleyball training. I was able to test the different arch heights of pedag Energy and pedag Power and found the right insole even for my pronounced flat foot.

I quickly feel pain in my foot during prolonged strain and without the right support. The muscles of the foot overload too quickly because they have to compensate for the foot malposition. With pedag Energy, my foot could now endure running longer than my lungs. The pedag Power also supports me in my two-hour sessions with fast starts and changes of direction, as well as jumps and landings."

The pedag Viva® Sport foot support has become Max's leisure insole. "Especially during long walks or excursions through the city, it supports my gait. Even days when I have to stand a lot and for a long time are much more bearable now".

Max shares his experiences in volleyball and with pedag sports insoles on his Facebook account and on Instagram

pedag. Feels good.