Tips for party queens

Tips for party queens

This month we celebrate the biggest party of the year: New Year's Eve. Whether it's a rousing party with friends, celebrations at the Brandenburg Gate or a chic meal in a beautiful atmosphere - we wish you unforgettable moments with your family and good friends at the turn of the year. It's even nicer not to associate the party night of the year with aching feet afterwards.


Invisible helpers for party queens

Beauty knows no pain? You can confidently confirm this saying! Gel products are invisible helpers to prevent the balls of your feet from aching and burning after dancing through nights. The forefoot pad pedag High Life cushions pleasantly soft, but is completely invisible and thus descreetly provides high heels & Co with more comfort. The beauty secret for your shoes! The gel pad pedag Feel Good provides relief for all dancers who suffer from splayfoot discomfort - it too is transparent and thus virtually invisible inside the shoe.



The velvety soft gel insole for ladies

The toeless shaped insole pedag Lady Gel offers twofold comfort: the two "problem areas" foot balls and heels are padded with gel and thereby relieved, while the upper made of velvety microfiber velour pampers the foot. For a pleasant feeling all night long.



Tips for Prince Charming

Of course we have not forgotten our men! They can pamper their feet with the comfort foot support pedag Viva®. The anatomically shaped foot support made of fine cowhide also fits in narrow lace-up shoes and prevents symptoms of fatigue. For those who like it more minimalist: The gel heel cup pedag Ultra Heel relieves stressed heels.


A brillant appearance

What is almost more important than the party itself? The outfit! Often bought many months in advance, it is thought through to the smallest detail: Which hairstyle fits? How do pieces of jewelry set the right accents? Essential point of any festive outfit: the shoes! They complete every outfit and should be perfectly groomed. No problem with pedag's shoe care.


  • The smooth leather care pedag Crystal Gel cleans and nourishes in one step. Perfect when it needs to be quick..
  • Tip for in between: pedag Wipes belong in every handbag and even fit in the pocket of your pants! The wipes are hygienically individually packaged, remove dirt and refresh shoes, sandals & boots.
  • When you need it really clean, use the pedag Combi Cleaner. In the set with the sponge it deeply and quickly cleans all materials.
  • If you need to fresh up the color of your shoes, use pedag Premium Shoe Polish – it is available in many colors. pedag Selfshine provides shine without polishing: Simply apply, let it dry, done!
  • Those men who like to wear casual sneakers to the suit should pay attention to clean soles, so that the casual look is not neglected. The pedag Sneaker Cleaner was specially developed for cleaning sneaker soles and lets bright soles shine again.

These and other shoe care products can be found here.

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