Lady Gel

Velvety gel insoles

When one party chases the next, high heels are indispensable. But you don't fancy burning balls of the foot? The pumps insoles pedag Lady Gel provide fabulous comfort for high heels.

  • light met pad cushions the splayfoot
  • cushions the heel
  • extra slim and thin
  • soft microfiber velour
  • ideal for pumps and open shoes
  • for all heel heights, even high heels
  • hand washable, vegan

Content: 1 Pair

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Lady Gel

In high heels almost every woman feels irresistible. To make you feel that way even after a shopping tour, a long day at the office or a romantic date followed by a walk along the river bank, we now reveal our beauty secret: the velvety soft pumps insoles pedag Lady Gel.

The vegan pump insoles are so narrow and thin that they do not wear out. Nevertheless, they develop their concentrated wellness power in your pumps: the metatarsal pad in the pumps insoles lets splayfoot complaints fly away, the heel cushion relieves the heel. The soft gel of the pumps insoles provides a magical feeling of well-being.

You have never loved your high heels so much. Thanks to the pumps insoles pedag Lady Gel, the secret for heavenly (and secret) comfort at all parties where you will still dance.

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