Viva Mini

Viva Mini

Short foot support

Not up for tired and aching feet? Discover the secret of relaxed feet: the short foot support pedag Viva® Mini.

  • relieves the arch of the foot
  • cushions the splayfoot
  • cushions the heel
  • perfect with little space in the shoe
  • also suitable for peeptoes
  • fine, hand-picked cowhide

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Viva Mini

The short foot support made of fine, vegetable tanned cowhide gives your feet the freedom they need, because it is reduced to the essentials and does not require any leather in the forefoot area. Perfect for extra comfort even in narrow or open-toed shoes. It can be that simple!

When it comes to well-being, pedag Viva® Mini does not do anything by halves, because the short foot support naturally also takes care of the three sensitive points of the foot: the longitudinal arch, heel and ball of the foot! Bye foot pain, welcome wellness!

Now you know the secret of relaxed feet - it's in your shoe!

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