Relax Herren

Wide foot support

With the wide short foot support for relaxed feet you can enjoy the day: Relieves the feet and provides even more comfort in comfortable shoes.

  • relieves the arch of the foot
  • cushions the splayfoot
  • stabilizes the heel
  • comfortable shape for wide shoes
  • flexible and elastic

Content: 1 Pair

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Relax Men

Would you like to be able to take off your shoes in the evening? No problem thanks to the comfortable short footbed pedag Relax. This foot support lives up to its name: it is elastic and particularly flexible, cushions the forefoot and prevents splayfoot. The longitudinal arch support supports the foot and the heel is gently cushioned. This gives the whole foot a healthy hold. Thanks to their short shape, the toes have all the space they need.

pedag Relax makes comfortable shoes even more comfortable and, thanks to its anatomical shape, is also comfortable to wear when you suffer from flat or splayfoot problems. The breathable leather absorbs moisture that is generated during the day at the foot. The short foot support ensures a pleasant climate in the shoe. For heavenly comfort, all day long.

Find your ideal foot support - with pedag. Feels good.

Suitable for equipment with climate membrane (TEX).

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