Special heel bed

If you suffer from heel spurs, walking and standing can quickly become a pain for you. The heel bed provides relief for painful, central heel spur.

  • relieves tendons and joints
  • with central heel spur relief
  • removable cushion
  • sponge rubber absors shocks
  • latex cushions extra soft

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Content: 1 Pair

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If you suffer from a heel spur, walking and standing can quickly become a pain for you. In the area of inflammation, the heel is extremely sensitive to stress and pressure. Here pedag Point provides relief! The stable heel cushion lifts the heel while the spur rests on a soft latex cushion. This helps to minimize the pain caused by heel spur.

The latex cushion of the heel spur aid pedag Point can be removed if necessary. pedag Point is fixed in the shoe with the help of a self-adhesive point.

The heel-spur bedding should not be worn permanently. The use of a soft pad is indicated as soon as the inflammation has abated. Persons engaged in sports should then preferably wear a special heel support constantly, at least though during the first weeks after the abatement of the symptoms. Recommendable heel supports are pedag Perfect, pedag Stabil and pedag Ultra Heel.

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