Toe Cap

Gel toe protector

The pedag toe cap is all-round protection for stressed toes. The soft gel provides relief for nail fold problems, ingrown nails and complaints on the toe cap.

  • protects and relieves
  • has an analgesic effect
  • for nail fold problems
  • for ingrown nails
  • durable gel

Content: 2 Piece

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Toe Cap

Anyone who has hit their toe knows how painful this can be. Often one still has to fight long with pain at the toe. The pedag toe cap protects the sensitive toe tip and relieves the strain on the whole toe, e.g. in case of nail fold problems, corns, after operations or for athletes.

The soft and hygienic gel takes the pressure off and relieves the toe even with ingrown toenails or damage to the nerve ends. If necessary, you can cut the toe guard to the appropriate length. If you no longer need the protection on the tip of the toe, you can cut off the cap and wear it open as a toe ring.

The gel of the pedag toe cap is flexible and durable, so that it adapts optimally to the toe. The toe protection for moments of well-being - even if discomfort on your toes is bothering you.

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