Viva Sneaker

Barefoot foot support

Style meets comfort: The pedag Viva® Sneaker foot support in fashionable black will bed your feet like on clouds and provide extra comfort in sneakers & co.

  • relieves the arch of the foot
  • cushions the splayfoot
  • cushions the heel
  • airy, fresh and absorbent
  • hand washble, vegan

Content: 1 Pair

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Viva Sneaker

What's more comfortable than a sneaker? A sneaker with the vegan wellness foot support pedag Viva® Sneaker. The light and airy sneaker foot support is made of natural sisal fibers that gently cushion your feet. The anatomically shaped footbed releives the foot and relieves thanks to longitudinal arch support, heel cushion and padding for the forefoot (metatarsal pad). For heavenly comfort in sporty sneakers and casual shoes.

The upper side of the sneaker foot support made of black cotton terry is also a treat for the feet. It takes care of the "problem zones" of summer and absorbs moisture that is not only produced on the feet on hot days. This keeps your feet comfortably dry. Walk with fresh feet through the summer, even if you wear your sneakers barefoot.

And when you slip back into your sneakers after a barefoot walk through the sand... Don't worry, the terry cloth is hand washable and dries quickly. Speaking of drying: allow your sneaker foot support day off after wearing and take it out of the shoe. So it is best to wear two pairs alternately - for always fresh feet.

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