Gel pressure protection for toes

Toe Strip

The pedag toe ring is first aid for pressure points on the sensitive skin on and between your toes. It protects all around and can thus relieve pain.

  • protects and cushions
  • relieves pain
  • for pressure points and injuries
  • for warts and corns
  • durable & hand washable gel

Content: 2 Piece

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Toe Strip

Our toes are exposed to great strain every day. Too tight shoes can cause pressure points which can become uncomfortable when walking.

The pedag toe strip made of soft gel protects strained toes all around and relieves pressure points. Also with corns or warts, the toe strip made of soft and skin-friendly gel can relieve pain.

The gel toe strip is not only super soft and supple, it is also stretchable and very tear-resistant, so that it adapts optimally to the foot. For optimal protection and heavenly comfort for strained toes. Feelin' good.

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