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Swing Women

Shoe tree

The beech wood shoe tree is the clothes hanger for your shoes. It brings shoes with a normal round last shape into shape and makes them fit for the next day.

  • for shoes with normal round last shape
  • spiral shoe tree made of beech wood
  • slots in the front blade for air circulation
  • absorbs moisture from the shoe
  • smoothes wrinkles, supports shoe care

Content: 1 Piece

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Swing Women

Shoe trees are shoe care products from the inside out. They bring shoes back into shape after wearing and smooth out creases. In this way they help to maintain the value of the shoes for a long time. The beech wood shoe tree pedag Swing is ideal for leather shoes in normal round last shape.

Just as you hang your blouse or jacket on a clothes hanger in the evening, you should also give your shoes a break on a shoe tree. The wood absorbs the moisture overnight, the slits in the front blade improve air circulation and help the shoe dry.

Tip: If you leave the shoes on a shoe tree when you clean or waterproof them, the active ingredients will also get into the depths of the creases.

For shoes that stay beautiful for a long time - the shoe tree pedag Swing.

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