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The problem area with leather shoes is often deep creases caused by the movement in the front area of the shoe. Shoe trees smooth these wrinkles after wearing so that they cannot settle in the leather so easily.

The shoe tree in universal shape, pedag Jazz, is suitable for shoes with normal round lasts and can be adapted to the respective shoe with millimetre precision thanks to the screw mechanism. This perfectly smoothes creases and keeps the shoe in shape. For best results, put it in the warm shoes immediately after taking them off.

The moisture that accumulates in the shoe lining during the day when the shoe is worn is absorbed by the beech wood of the shoe tree. The slots in the front blade ensure optimum air circulation so that the shoe dries better.

By the way, shoe trees are also a real tip when it comes to shoe care: If you have a shoe tree inside the shoe while cleaning, the active ingredients will also penetrate into the depths of the creases.

For well-groomed shoes that are worth a look - pedag Jazz.

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