Samba Women

Samba Women

Samba Women

Shoe tree

For shoes that are always in shape: The Aromatic Red Cedar shoe tree with spiral spring smoothes out creases, its aromatic cedar wood exudes a spicy scent and absorbs moisture.

  • for shoes of all last shapes
  • spiral shoe tree made of Aromatic Red Cedar wood
  • absorbs moisture from the shoe
  • aromatic fragrance provides freshness
  • smoothes wrinkles, supports shoe care

Content: 1 Pair

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Samba Women

Wrinkly was yesterday! The shoe tree with coil spring brings tension into the life of your shoes and ensures that they always stay in shape. Whether until the next day or well stowed until the next season. The shoe tree is ideal for shoes with a normal round last shape and reliably smoothes out creases.

The open-pored Aromatic Red Cedar wood absorbs moisture and helps the shoe dry. The intense spicy fragrance keeps moths away and brings freshness to the shoe. Once the intensity of the scent has decreased, you can roughen the wood with fine sandpaper and reactivate the aroma.

The shoe tree pedag Samba - beautiful in shape for beautiful shoes.

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