Zedernholz Schuhspanner Twist für Damenschuhe mit spitzer Vorderkappe.


Shoe tree

Content: 1 Pair

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Tell wrinkles to fight! With the anti-wrinkle treatment for your pointed shoes: pedag Twist. The shoe tree made of Aromatic Red Cedar wood fills even shoes with a pointed toe cap optimally and ensures that your shoes stay beautiful longer. The coil spring provides the necessary tension.

The spicy cedar wood absorbs the moisture from the shoe lining, ensures freshness and keeps moths away. In addition - and for perfect shaping - it is best to put it in the shoes while they are still warm, i.e. immediately after taking them off. Then the leather is still supple and can be "ironed" more easy.

You won't want to miss shoe trees when it comes to shoe care either: You smooth out the wrinkles so that the care can go anywhere - and you can use the coil spring as a handle on which you can hold the shoes while cleaning.

Give your shoes a rest: with the pointed shoe tree pedag Twist.

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