Samba Men

Schuhspanner Samba für Schuhe aller Leistenformen.

Samba Men

Shoe tree

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Samba Men

Beautiful shoes need care. Care from the inside is provided by pedag shoe trees. pedag Samba made of Aromatic Red Cedar wood is ideal for shoes with a normal round last shape. The front blade of the shoe tree brings the leather into shape, the coil spring provides the necessary tension. Thus unattractive creases are "ironed" out of the leather and have no chance to stick.

The wood of the shoe tree absorbs the moisture that is generated when the shoe is worn, and the shoe can dry faster. The spicy aroma of the cedar wood keeps moths away from the shoes and at the same time provides a pleasant smell in the shoe. Once the wood no longer smells so intensely, the aromatic power can be reactivated by roughening the wood with fine sandpaper.

Shoe trees not only maintain the shape of the shoes, they are also an indispensable aid in shoe care: thanks to them, the care can penetrate to the depths of the creases and unfold its full effect there. On the coil spring you can easily hold the shoe.

A shoe tree belongs to well-groomed shoes - pedag Samba.

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